Focus and Scope

The focus of Kalbisocio Jurnal Bisnis dan Komunikasi is to promote the integration between business and communication, and stimulate discussions, deliberations, and debates on different science strategies, principles, models, methodologies, techniques, applications in the field of communication, socio-economic, digital technology, business, commerce, industry, and government. Its scope will include the following topics:

  • Communication in creative industry
  • Economy of communication
  • Digital technology communication
  • Business technology communication
  • Health communication
  • Therapeutic communication
  • Sexual communication
  • Gender and feminism
  • Language
  • Intercultural communication
  • Family communication
  • Mass communication
  • Political communication
  • Literation
  • Public policy
  • Law
  • Online journalism
  • Cyber culture
  • New media
  • Systems/Infrastructure technology
  • Management technology
  • Innovation, Modelling/Simulation/Analysis, and Related Topics

and such other topics as the Editors may deem appropriate. Articles need to make a significant contribution to the theoretical and /or methodological literature on the subject and contain a communication, economics, strong science and technology component.